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"Cut & Un-Cut形式分割" Art Talk艺术创作分享会 -Ross Lewis (李如侠) & Cécile Girard


Please join us for an artistic conversation with Ross Lewis and Cécile Girard who will talk about their distinctive works on paper and their passion for Chinese traditional painting. In their current dual exhibition "Cut & Un-Cut" both artists unravel a microcosm embodying the principles of Chinese aesthetics while still using their respective pictorial language. At this occasion, Ross Lewis will show part of his technique with the ink-soaked rope which he uses as his primary mode of expression on the paper.

时间:9月18日 星期天,下午2:30 - 16:00


Time: Sunday, Sept 18th, 14:30 - 16:00

Venue: ArtCN, No.423 Guangfu Road (near Xinqiao Road), Shanghai

RSVP: Annie Zhou +86 21 61673917

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