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Today Art Museum, Beijing

July 18-August 4, 2015

"Lewis’ way of using rope to create his ink lines is an innovative technique for painting. His ink rope (as opposed to brushwork) combines the baimiao technique of traditional Chinese ink painting and the formal effects of Western printmaking."

--Professor Shen Kuiyi, "Dancing with Rope", essay from exhibition catalog 

The exhibition Dancing with Rope, was New York artist Ross Lewis’ first major academic solo exhibition in China, which debuted at Beijing's Today Art Museum in the Summer 2015 and then traveled in Fall/Winter 2015 to the Chongqing Art Museum (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Museum) and the Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art in Guangzhou. The Embassy of the United States, Beijing was a sponsor of the exhibition. The distinguished art historian, Dr. Shen Kuiyi, University of California, San Diego was the curator for the exhibition.

Dancing with Rope showcased approximately fifty works, including: recent Rope Painting series, a video installation of a monumental kinetic work, Scroll Machine, Chinese-landscape inspired paintings, archival materials of early studies with Chinese painters in Taiwan and China, as well as photographs and videos of installation projects from around the world.

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