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PS 307, Corona, NY

The vibrant life of the city is celebrated in this dynamic mixed-media installation that engages the architecture of the lobby at Pioneer Academy-PS 307. A 16 foot wide cantilevered red metal boat, a 3D Tim Burtonesque 21 foot tall pink building and 500,000 glass and ceramic tiles energize this theatrical 24 foot x 80 foot wall installation. Five architectural niches invite students and/or visitors to become part of the artwork.


The work was realized using state of the art robotic technology, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and a palette of 127 colors.  I collaborated with PKSB architects to integrate my design into the total environment.


Commissioned by the Sites for Students Program of the New York City Department of Education and the New York City School Construction Authority


500,000 glass and ceramic tiles

powder coated aluminum 1/8 gauge
 epoxy enamel paint, marble



Pioneer Academy- PS 307

 40-20 100th Street
Corona, N.Y. 11368



Pasanella, Klein, Stolzman, and Berg Architects

 Aaron Ray-Crichton, technical consultant

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