Belvedere Castle, Central Park, NY

At Belvedere Castle in New York City's Central Park, I tried to bring a sense of the joy of movement to a very static, stolid edifice. My artistic goal in this project was to transform the whole castle into my sculpture. I created fanscapes, wind-activated sculptures, made of hand painted nylon covers stretched over stainless steel hoops, which projected from the castle walls horizontally and vertically. The round fan-shape and the softness of the fabric were conscious choices which played against the hard rectilinear qualities of the castle structure. Visitors were able to see the installation from different levels and vantage points both inside and outside the castle. The sounds of small bells placed within the center of the fans could be heard juxtaposed with those of birds, rustling trees and human voices cavorting in Central Park.

"Both sculptural and painterly, fanscapes point to the artist's fascination with movement as defined by the wind-repositioning the works amidst breezes and gusts. Here too we see Lewis' interest in human motion with his calligraphically painted images on the nylon fans."

9 wind-activated painted nylon fans stretched on 5' diameter stainless steel hoops mounted on steel poles projecting from the castle walls

Commissioned by:

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation Public Art Program